Important Summer Truck Maintenance

You may be able to jump in the pool when you get overheated this summer, but your Chevy truck doesn’t have quite the same luxury. To keep your pickup in good shape all summer long, follow these summer truck maintenance tips.


Tires are made of somewhat sensitive materials, yet they’re vastly important for optimum functionality. Just as winter can be tough on tires, so can the summer heat, which causes rubber to wear down more quickly. Make sure you keep an eye on your tire pressure, and also check the depth of the tread a few times this summer.

Cooling System

You’ll definitely want the cooling system to be in its best possible shape during the summer. Check the coolant levels and look to see that the radiator and all of its components look good as well. It’s a good idea to pressure wash your radiator every so often. Be sure to turn off your truck first, then use the pressure washer to clear your radiator and its parts of debris.

Belts and Hoses

The summer heat can also cause the belts and hoses in your truck to wear down more quickly. Pop the hood to check out your Chevy’s belts and hoses every month or so. Check a belt for good tension, and check a hose to make sure it doesn’t feel spongy, and that there is no damage. If you’re not sure what you’re looking at, bring your Chevrolet truck to a technician, like our service staff at Graff Chevrolet, for a professional opinion.

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