How Chevy is Helping with Hurricane Irma

Chevrolet Hurrican Relief - Grand Prairie, Texas

Chevrolet is great at offering thoughtful, versatile family vehicles; hard-working, durable trucks; and innovative, green powertrain options. But Chevrolet always seeks to offer more than a strong lineup to its customers. This brand looks for every opportunity to serve its friends when they’re in need and now Chevy is helping with Hurricane Irma victims.

Chevy is taking action in multiple ways to help with Hurricane Irma relief. For one thing, the automaker is currently offering free OnStar® Crisis Assist Service for drivers with OnStar® equipped vehicles. For no charge, drivers can use OnStar® to connect with trained advisors to help find shelters, connect with friends and family, or even use on-board Wi-Fi.

Chevy is also working hard with dealerships to service damaged vehicles as quickly as possible. The company is sending parts out to dealerships so that customers can get their repairs done soon. In the meantime, Chevrolet offers free courtesy vehicles so the victims of Hurricane Irma can stay mobile.

If a victim’s vehicle is beyond repair, Chevrolet is offering a $500 Hurricane Relief Assistance to buyers of new vehicles; that’s higher than any other purchase incentive in the company.

To learn more about how Chevy is helping with Hurricane Irma, or to learn how you can contribute to the hurricane relief, simply visit us at Graff Chevrolet.

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