The Mountain Man Weekend Gathering is Just Around the Corner

Outdoors in the Mountains near Grand Prairie, Texas

The Mountain Man Gathering gives adults and children a glimpse into our nation’s past by allowing them to experience and learn about how earlier Americans survived on the frontier. “Mountain Man” is the contemporary terms for “Buckskinner.” If you come to the Gathering, you’ll learn all about this previous period in American history and what skills individuals had to develop to survive.

On November 18th and 19th, travel to Trader’s Village to experience history and see the pre-1840s costumes on display. Beginning at 10am each day, the weekend gathering will feature a variety of activities for the whole family.

Have children who are enthusiastic for the great outdoors? Bring them to experience the music and songs of the past, hear stories told, and see accurate and authentic historical reenactments of past American eras.

The Mountain Man Weekend Gathering will include learning about 18th-century tools and crafting, such as bow-and-arrow making, knife making, pottery making, leather work, and intricate beading. You’ll be able to see these arts demonstrated firsthand, and there will be numerous traders and sellers present if you’d like to take a souvenir home with you to help you remember what life was like on the American frontier.

Admission is free and parking only costs $4. We at Graff Chevrolet hope to see you there!

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