Tips for Choosing A Road Trip Partner

Clichés aside, the road trip really is about the journey. And with that in mind, you need to be very careful as to who you pick for company. Here are some tips for choosing a road trip partner…

# 1 – Different… but the same.

The person that accompanies you on your road trip should be different enough to be interesting, but not so different that you will butt heads. Make sure you have some things in common before you head out. Of course, this only goes for someone you don’t know that well, like maybe a co-worker or a new roommate.

# 2 – Similar goals

If you want to visit a national park, take someone that likes to hike! If you like to take your time getting to your destination, visiting every odd roadside attraction along the way, make sure your road trip companion enjoys doing the same thing. It’s important to ask about these things before you leave.

# 3 – Negotiate driving duties… before you leave

Are you planning on taking a trip with someone whom you know to drive terribly? Either choose someone else or explain to them that you’d like to do most of the driving. Being subjected to another person’s awful driving can make a road trip unbearably stressful.

So, think hard about who to bring, because then you can focus on having fun. They say that baseball is America’s favorite pastime but we’d like to think it’s the classic American road trip.

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