How to Organize Your Car

Clean Car Interior - Graff Chevy Grand Prairie, TXWhen life gets busy, it’s difficult to keep everything organized. Unfortunately, one of the first things to become cluttered is the car. However, staying organized is a trait that many people need to be successful in life. Here is how to keep your car organized.

Starting with your glove box, get rid of the clutter. Many people have all kinds of papers, napkins, and other miscellaneous items in the glove box. To organize this, find a few large sandwich bags to separate the clutter into different spaces. You can also write on the outside of the bags to remind yourself what each bag contains.

Next, find a way to declutter the floor of your car. If you have a lot of little stuff strewn about your vehicle, create a system to get it off of the floor. One simple solution is to re-purpose an old remote control caddy from your house. You can strap it on the back of your seat to hold all of your random little stuff.

Lastly, move on to your trunk. This is often the place where junk collects dust. Instead of throwing everything in your trunk without a second thought, place organizers in your trunk to keep it neat.

If you discover more little solutions like this, you will find that it isn’t that difficult to organize your car. Visit us at Graff Chevrolet to let us know your best tips for keeping your vehicle organized!

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