Top 5 Driving Habit Resolutions You Can Make for the New Year

2018 New Year New Driving Habits in Grand Prairie, Texas

To remain safe on the road this year, we suggest everyone make these driving habit resolutions as we move into 2018.

Minimize Distractions

With the invention of cell phones, drivers are more distracted than ever, but there has always been a risk associated with taking your eyes off the road for even a few seconds. Make it a point to stay alert while driving.

Enforce a Seatbelt Rule

Every time you get in the car, make sure all of your family members have buckled up.

Learn to Change a Tire

Being able to change a tire definitely tops the list of useful car skills. Don’t let yourself get stranded on the side of the road.

Keep Your Tank Full

Having the reassurance of a full gas tank is a great thing. Don’t get caught on “Empty” in the middle of an emergency; keep your gas level above a quarter tank at least.

Make Safety a Priority When Car-Shopping

What are you looking for when you shop for a new ride? Is it style, technology, or comfort? Have you considered safety? It’s time to put safety on your priority list.


Making driving habit resolutions is a great alternative to the typical New Year’s goals to lose weight or get fit. Be unique with these resolutions, or try to come up with more car-safe goals of your own.

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