New Over-the-Air System Updates May Improve Safety, Infotainment

2019 Chevrolet Blazer in Grand Prairie, TX

Want the latest technology features but don’t want to drive to the dealership for every update? Good news: Chevrolet and other brands are working to provide over-the-air updates for your car’s security and infotainment systems. With remote access, you can now get the latest tech upgrades without leaving the driver’s seat.

According to The News Wheel, there are several reasons automakers are excited about this that go beyond convenience. Brands like Chevy can easily recall features remotely if necessary, update security, fix small bugs, and more. The goal is to “make people’s lives easier on the road, adding convenience and more functionality,” as explained by Telenav executive director of strategy Ky Tang.

Some of these over-the-air system updates may also make it easier for autonomous vehicles to become more prevalent and effective on the road. For example, self-driving cars can transform their sensors and software into transmitters to send important information, which can then be compiled and sent to other drivers. In other words, someone else’s time on the road in their self-driving car could make your own autonomous vehicle a better driver.

Keep an eye out for new OTA updates in upcoming Chevy models. You might find it easier to use MyChevy in your vehicle, or safety systems may not come with automatic updates. Investment in technologies like OTA updates is just one reason Chevy leads the pack.

The 2019 lineup of Chevrolet vehicles already has many useful, intuitive systems that can assist you with operating and staying connected with your car. Learn more about Chevy’s latest technology by calling Graff Chevrolet.

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