The Best Teen Driver Apps for Improving Your Family’s Safety

teen driver in Grand Prairie, TX

If you have a young driver just getting acquainted with the open road, consider these great teen driver apps to help your teen build good driving habits.


Motovate is an app that lets you pause smartphone notifications while driving, and it offers real world incentives to do so. This innovative app lets your teen drive distraction free and allows them to accumulate points redeemable from big brands and personal sponsors alike.


Drivemode is a simple but useful app that simplifies the screen interface and allows for voice commands so you and your teen driver can keep their hands eyes on the road. The beauty of Drivemode is that the apps functions are easier than regular phone operation, which is why millions of people use the app.

Focus by TeenDrive

Focus works in tandem with a beacon installed in the vehicle. When your teen is within a certain radius of the beacon, social media and text notifications are disabled while music and navigation remain active.


LifeSaver automatically locks designated phones when the car is in motion and unlocks them when the vehicle stops, encouraging your teen to put down the phone entirely when driving.

Technology can be very useful, but it can also be very distracting behind the wheel. We at Graff Chevrolet in Grand Prairie, Texas encourage you to train your teen in safe driving habits.

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